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differential absorption lidar (DIAL) and a high-power Raman lidar
LiDAR, Light Detection and Ranging, LIDAR, LADAR
spectrometer, spectroscopy, spectrographic instrument
imaging systems, telescopes, space instrumentation, astronomical optics, space optics

Dream designs, engineers and produces carbon fiber parts and finished assemblies, as well as bubble-free cast glass engineered lightweight optical mirrors. Both of Dream's core technologies are produced in-house in Nazareth, Pennsylvania (USA). ABE airport is less than 15 minutes from Dream.
high-powered rocketry, carbon fiber rocket fuselage,
carbon fiber rocket fins, rocketry group
cubeSats, space telescopes, smallsats, small sats, cube sats, lightweight optics
astronomical instrumentation, astronomical instrument, optomechanical, opto-mechanical

  Click the graphic to read the Laser Focus World article about Dream's lightweight mirrors. The mirror's face & features were roughly 3mm thick, yet Dream was able to in-house process with very low Mid-Spatial Frequency (MSF) errors, using conventional equipment, tools & materials, validating Dream's world-leading engineering & expertise in affordable high-performance lightweight mirrors.

December 2018: Dream starts work on f1.0 perforated zeroDELTA™ lightweight mirror for Raytheon.


During the coldest weather in at least 25 years, Dream finishes two more zeroDELTA mirrors in its extremely stable polishing & test room.

European manufacturer receives Dream's 250mm CA fully generated & perforated zeroDELTA mirror blank.

Later receiving multiple convex secondary mirror blanks and 300mm CA primary mirror blanks as well.


Optifab: Rochester, NY. RJ in the Schott booth with two Dream zeroDELTA™ mirror blanks (left) and Don in 4D Technologies booth with the NanoCam Sq on top of a 400mm Dream zeroDELTA™ mirror; 9.5 lbs (right).

High Performance Doesn't Fear Change. It Defies The Status Quo.

Carbon Fiber Structures:
- Design, Engineering (FEM/FEA) and In-House Production since 2003
- Specializing in Low-Void Carbon Fiber, especially Dream's CFSC (Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core) Parts, Sub-Assemblies & Main Structures
- From Small To Large Parts: Dream's largest composite oven 6' x 12' x 6'
- Vacuum-Bagged & Oven-Baked Parts Using High-Temperture Epoxy
- 95% Carbon Fiber Optical Assemblies By Weight Of The Structures (no optics), Stainless Steel Hardware & Dream's Stainless Steel Inserts For The Greatest Performance & Longevity

Dream's CF and CFSC performance is unusually high because our engineered advanced composite structures have been created from the ground up specifically for demanding opto-mechanical systems, not open-market composites.

Optical - Mirrors & Lenses:lightweight telescope mirrors
- Optical Design, Engineering & Tolerancing (Zemax)
- Engineered Lightweight Mirrors (25mm to 1150mm)
- Finished & Coated Mirrors & Lenses
- Mounted Mirrors & Lenses: Finished Correctors & Full Instruments 
- Capability To Design, Engineer & Produce Standard and Custom Full Instruments, Including Athermal Opto-Mechanical Instruments & Corrective Lenses, Low CTE, High Stiffness CF Housings and Spacers For Corrective Lenses.
Dream's zeroDELTA lightweight mirrors have both unrivaled engineering and performance because we put just as much engineering in the lightweight mirror as the mirror mount. Dream is also at the cutting edge due to the thin features of the zeroDELTA lightweight mirrors.

"Your company does phenomenal work. Dream's engineering sets their lightweight mirrors apart from competitors. Your engineering goes beyond the lightweight aspect. You focus on actual performance!"

- Ted Kamprath

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Dream's technologies create enabling & disruptive high performance systems by using truly modern materials, techniques and designs that have fully addressed centuries old mechanical and thermal issues in optical systems. Although Dream offers standard optical systems, the bulk of Dream's work is focused on creating custom solutions for clients. Dream can design, analyze and produce a wide range of optical systems, from numerous forms of Cassegrains to corrected Newtonians to wide field 1m prime focus instrument. Our lead optical engineer has nearly 40 years of both design and implementation experience, especially with fast & demanding optical systems.

Finished instruments have the lowest possible maintenance due to Dream's unique technologies. Dream's telescopes are low in total mass, have an extremely low CTE, are corrosion resistant and have a higher stiffness (and strength) to weight ratio than conventional materials. They are designed from the ground up for remote/robotic use. Because of their near zero maintenance they are ideal for border survelience, military, science, education and numerous additional applications.

Dream works in the UV, visual, NIR, Mid to Far IR. Used for; lasercom, LIDAR, AO, astmospheric research, surveys, discoveries, airborne, balloon-borne, optical systems used in demanding thermal environments, etc.

Customers using Dream's technologies: US Air Force, NASA, Raytheon, Honeywell, numerous government R&D labs, Universities, Professionals, as well as numerous OEM's, for world-wide customers. Dream is currently registered with DOD & DOE customers, as well as sam.gov.

Dream's 7000 sq ft facility

White Papers

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