16" OD carbon fiber sandwich core tube

An e-mail received 2/20/07 from the client:

" Dear Shane,
attached are a few shots I have taken during the construction of my telescope. You can also see the metal inserts. The epoxy glue sticks them very well. The insert's diameter is roughly 1" and its length is 17 mm as the tube thickness.

The tube is really very good, it is very light, firm and it is not so difficult to work with it.

I am really glad to have your tube. Believe me or not, I have put two(!) of my previous tubes in the garbage can in Switzerland and didn't move them to Czech Republic. The first one was the original aluminum tube from a UK supplier - very curved with a lot of flexure, the second one was my own firmed, framed structure for testing purposes. Yours is simply the best one I have ever seen. Period.

Best Regards,
Jan Soldan
Stellar department
Astronomical Institute
Czech Republic - www.asu.cas.cz "




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