Dream is an authorized dealer of Software Bisque's Paramount ME

"I have owned a half dozen meade mounts. Including the LX-10 and the LX-50 which was marketed as an astrophoto sturdy mount. Then there was the LX-200 and LX-200 GPS and the LXD75. All I can say is that after looking at all the money I spent on Meade over the years and wondering why I could still not take an astrophoto without tinkering all night. I realized I could buy a Paramount with all that dough. Which I did. I am very pleased with the Paramount. Last night I started an astrophoto as soon as the sun went down and went to help my buddy who owns an LX-200. Seems he had tracking errors. My Paramount has given me back something very precious. My time. Now I can spend those priceless moments under the stars with my friends. Thanks Paramount."

Gene Hunter - April 28, 2006



"PROMPT would not be up and running without the Paramount line of mounts. When UNC first got into the small-telescope remote observing business about 6 years ago we tried out another manufacturer's mounts. They were in no way adequate for the high-precision pointing and tracking we needed. We quickly changed to a Paramount GT-1100s, and they, along with the (Paramount) ME's have served us extremely well.

Without the Paramounts, we would have to get our mounts custom-built for a much larger expense, so much so that the cost would likely be prohibitive for this size of project."

Melissa Nysewander - UNC at Chapel Hill - May 1st, 2006


Paramount ME quick facts

- less than 5 arc sec periodic error (before error correction)
- long history of outstanding field performance
- designed for robotic use
- maximum recommended OTA weight - 150 lbs

The Paramount ME can easily carry the Dream Astrograph all cellular 24" OTA. A fork EQ mount and 24" OTA from other manufacturers can easily cost ~$250,000. The Paramount ME and all cellular 24" Dream Astrograph cost ~$50,000 yet offer a highly corrected optical system and much lower thermal mass.

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pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice