Custom Collimation Tools for the Dream Astrograph line.

Above is the latest generation of the collimation tools. A double set of o-rings has been added to the design to help the tools self-center themselves.

The Sight Tube is at top, the Cheshire is bottom left and the AutoCollimator is at the bottom right.

The custom tools on this page illustrate Dream's level of detail and commitment to our customers.

Dream has been working with Catseye for years in the development and refinement of the custom alignment tools.

Mechanical and optical alignment (collimation) can be very intimidating, time-consuming and frustrating. Dream's initial and continuing goal is to offer collimation tools that are optimized to our exact optical systems. In this way we can offer a level of accuracy and ease of use that do not exist elsewhere in the market. Our customers NEVER have to resort to CCD collimation, which is time-consuming, non-intuitive and extremely frustrating.

We have also spent a great deal of time creating an easy to follow user manual for our finished telescope clients. The 20+ page manual is full of photographs that walk the user through each step of the process.

"Hi Shane,
Thanks for the (Dream Astrograph) manual. I think it is the best treatment of focusing and collimation I have seen. Very practical and real world. Your descriptions include every small step and never assume the reader knows any of them. It's not often that I see a manual this good. Your up there with Tektronix and RCA broadcast equipment."
August, 2008

The 3" collimation set for the Dream Astrograph telescopes is shown in a custom wooden storage/protection case.

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