32" Cassegrain - science/research

This view shows the air space left between the observatory and the container. This will help reduce thermal buildup in both structures.

Dream has designed the steel struts, end caps and platens on the four, long supporting struts that help retain the main observatory above the container. Dream can produce these parts in house, which is advisable because the platens need to intelligently bolt to the carbon fiber sandwich core, 100mm/4" thick, observatory floor without causing stress concentration. This also helps insure that once the product is delivered there are fewer surprises.

The louvers are approximately 600mm/24" wide and 400mm/16" tall.

The louvers provide passive air flow in an area and a structure design that would normally have a thermal disadvantage (dome seeing).

The louvers themselves are carbon fiber sandwich core and will be able to withstand the punishing environments they are placed into (high winds, snow, hail, rain, etc.).

Click here to watch surface impact testing of some of Dream's carbon fiber sandwich core materials.

The observatory was intentially placed as far off the container as possible to increase air flow beneath the observatory.

Dream even utilized grated steps to the main access door in an effort to reduce thermal loading and also to allow rain, ice, snow, etc., to fall through the grating.

The carbon fiber complete Optical Tube Assembly should weigh less than 225 lbs, which also includes the first fold mirror (M3).

You can see a sample carbon fiber strut segment by clicking on the image to the right.



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