32"(CA) f4.2 Dream Ritchey-Chrétien Cassegrain

Featuring: Dream's engineered lightweight mirrors (M1 & M2) with no print through, Dream's purpose-built carbon fiber and CF skinned sandwich core components are used extensively, and FAST. This highly effecient telescope uses a small obscuration and only a 2-lens field flattener for superb full-field correction and 100% illumination of the Andor iKon-XL 231 camera listed below. The telescope, camera and mount can be purchased entirely through Dream. The complete system is run through final testing as an assembled system, using actual star fields, thus testing all components in a real-world environment prior to shipment to the customer. The lightweight carbon fiber sandwich core tube has excellent baffling and keeps all optics clean, due to the tube and Dream's FAST. Scheduled cleaning of optical surfaces is greatly reduced, requiring less maintenance than any other telescope. Because the telescope is essentially athermal and has an extremely high stiffness-to-weight ratio, it will also maintain optical alignment for years.

NASA NEO projectLighter - Stiffer - Faster: Higher Throughput & Performance

telescope diameter

telescope length

focal length

back focus distance



3430mm - f4.2

optmized for use
Catalina Sky Survey Pan-STARRS LINEAR Spacewatch


Field Flattener

weight - pounds

telescope price

14.76" (46%)




Due to the telescope's short length and low mass, an OTS mount can be used. Contact Dream for details.

The camera achieves -100°C cooling without the hassle of LN or cryo-cooling.

Both M1 and M2 are engineered, lightweight mirrors, finished with MRF using data from vertically-tested mirrors while each mirror is in its final mirror mount. Raw data is provided to the customer.
NASA Near-Earth Object Search Program

Field Of View using Andor iKon-XL 231 camera with back-thinned 61.4mm x 61.4mm CCD detector (CCD231-84):

15 micron pixels, 4096 x 4096

field of view


61.5' x 61.5' (1.05 square degrees)


Contact Dream for package pricing of telescope, camera and mount, or to learn more about any aspect of this powerful combination. This telescope is optimized for 400-750nm but can be quickly optimized for a different waveband.

Dream also has numerous additional designs; as fast as f2.4, detectors up to 95mm x 95mm and up to 1 meter systems. Contact Dream to discuss your needs.

pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice