Size offerings and pricing.

"I was impressed with their light weight and stiffness - seeing a picture of it is one thing, but actually getting your hands on the real deal is an eye opener. I'm excited about how the scope will turn out!"

- 16" Astrograph client commenting on yoke samples sent to him.

Yoke-style mirror cell (YOKE-010 shown) is ~11" OD x 0.56" thick and weigh just under 0.3 lbs. each.

These mirror cells are designed to work with conical-shaped optics.

They are engineered for stiffness, low CTE and to allow the greatest amount of air flow to pass by the mirror.

These yoke cells are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased uncoated or coated with UV protectant.

The yokes can be purchased as a kit with inserts or a finished yoke with inserts already bonded into place (for push/pull collimation use).



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