Extensive carbon fiber use in an 8" f12 Maksutov-Cassegrain for John Biggs of GCS Astronomical. Optics, moving primary using a micrometer mechanism and Maksutov corrector sell were provided by John. All design work for the OTA and carbon fiber fabrication were done by Dream. This product debuted at NEAF on April 16th, 2005.



OTA's clamshell rings are now complete, as shown in this recent photo to the left. The dew shield is shown attached as well.

The rings themselves weigh 2/3rds of a pound, 1/3rd of a pound for each ring.

Testing of this OTA will begin the week of May 23rd on a Paramount ME. The bolt pattern at the bottom of the rings mates to the dec plate of the ME. The top of the rings can accept further accessories/equipment.


Optical testing begins on the 8" Mak-Cass.

Photo to the right shows the Mak on a Paramount ME using one 20 lb counterweight placed as far forward as possible.

Clamshell rings, as shown in the top photo on this page, are mounted directly to the versa (dec) plate of the ME. 

Photo to the left was taken at 1am: 30s, ISO 400, daylight setting - Kodak SLRn with 50mm f1.4 Nikon set to f2.0.

Single, one shot color image of Jupiter and its four largest moons.


The double double of Ursa Major: Mizar & Alcor with the faint star in this photo being Sidus Ludovicianum (magnitude ~8.8).

Separation between Mizar & Alcor is 12 arc minutes. Separation between Mizar and its companion is 14 arc seconds.