Impact Test Of Wood & Dream's Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core (CFSC) part:



Wood: struck by point of flathead screwdriver - Video Clip 1

Dream's CFSC part: struck by point of flathead screwdriver - Video Clip 2

Dream's CFSC part: struck by hammer - Video Clip 3

- Surface testing has proven that sharp objects striking with high force will penetrate wood but will only mar the surface of the Dream carbon fiber panel, proving Dream's ruggedized fabrication.
- Dream's carbon fiber sandwich core panel can resist puncture but also resist compression from impact loads, even though the CF skins on the panel tested were less than 0.030" thick.
- Dream's unique combination of high-temperature, baked epoxy resin used with the carbon fiber, in combination with Dream's fabrication techniques and attention to all details, produce low void content, high fiber content, high stiffness and high strength parts, as proven by the above videos.

These tests illustrate the quality of design and fabrication of Dream products. It also shows Dream's toughened in-house fabricated parts are not brittle and frail like common carbon fiber parts.

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