Impact Testing:

1.- carbon fiber/epoxy sandwich core panel.

2.- 12.5" yoke cell. (page 2)

Surface testing of flat panel.

Video Clip 1 - screwdriver/wood (0.85Mb)

Video Clip 2 - screwdriver/carbon fiber (1.9Mb)

Video Clip 3 - hammer/carbon fiber (1.4Mb)

- The three links to the left show short video clips of impact testing on both a piece of lumber (pine) and a carbon fiber/epoxy sandwich core flat panel.
- The tests were conducted using a flat-head screwdriver at an angle, to cause a sharp corner to strike first.


See the Results page for evaluation of the testing.

Click here to see 48" drop testing(s) of a 12.5" yoke mirror cell onto a concrete floor.