First Contact (FC) is an engineered polymer that was created to clean precision surfaces without damaging them or leaving a residue. The most demanding applications call for First Contact, from laser labs to guided missile windows to CCD detectors, etchings, precision mirrors, lenses and so many more. FC can be applied without physically touching the surface with your hands.

Dream is a US distributor of First Contact.

Click here for recent images from the latest Keck cleaning trip.

Click on the photo to the left for recent images from the cleaning of a 1m Cassegrain telescope.

Photos courtesy of Lulin Observatory, NCU, Taiwan.

First Contact is applied, allowed to cure and then peeled away from the surface. This product can clean mirrors, filters, lenses, CCD cover windows, etc..

First Contact can be used on an optic while it is still in the telescope structure.
It can also be used at low temperatures. It was used successfully on a Keck segment when the temperature was 0C/32F.
It brings back the reflectivity to a nearly perfect match of a freshly coated mirror. This exceeds the performance of CO2 snow.

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