16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph - featuring extensive use of carbon fiber


"Just absolutely beautiful Shane! It is indeed a wonderful work of both science and art!"

Jim Fly - Catseye Collimation Tools

The 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph comes standard with Dream's zeroDELTA™ engineered mirrors for both the secondary mirror and the primary mirror. They weigh only 1.4 and 11 pounds respectively. Solid mirror versions of each of these mirrors weigh roughly 4 and 25-30 pounds but have lower stiffness, much lower surface area and a much slower thermal time constant.

This telescope uses Dream's in house carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core technology extensively:

- focuser platform
- central secondary mirror column
- secondary mirror support
- filter cap
- back plate
- primary mirror cell and sub cells 
- internal cabling conduit 
- main OTA tube

The remaining hardware and assemblies, except the focuser and dovetail plates, are all stainless steel. From washers and nuts to spherical bearings.

We also produce our own threaded stainless steel inserts for use inside the composites. See their extreme performance here.

These ground-breaking telescopes have countless unique features that contribute to the world-leading, installed performance they achieve.

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