16" Dream Astrograph - filtered tube offering, sample images here at Dream.
"Achieving superb performance is a goal, but achieving that same high level of performance as the instrument moves around and as temperature changes, is the ultimate goal." lightweight precision optical mirror Shane Santi - Dream Founder & President

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The following links point to raw FITS files that, other than dark subtraction, have not been altered in any way. They are full frame images taken at 1x1 binning. These files were taken using a KAI-11002 CCD chip, 50mm square Luminance filter and Dream's custom 4" coma corrector. All images are 20s and all were taken at the same focus setting. The data shows the rigidity and optical performance of this telescope at varying telescope angles. After taking an initial image at a new telescope angle, approximately 4 minutes was allowed to pass before taking a follow up image from the same location. We highly recommend you download some or all of the images and open them in Photoshop or similar. Enlarge to 300% and evaluate the star shapes, especially in the corners, for yourself.

zenith 11:51pm 1287
west, northwest 12:02am 1297
12:05am 1298
south, southwest 12:08am 1299
12:13am 1300
north, northwest 12:16am 1301
12:20am 1302
north, northest (meridian flip) 12:24am 1303
  12:29am 1304
east, northeast 12:31am 1305
  12:35am 1306
southeast 12:38am 1307
  12:42am 1308
west (meridian flip again) 12:45am 1309 
  12:49am 1310

The telescope was daytime collimated using the custom 3" collimation tools that Dream had developed exclusively for the Dream Astrograph telescopes. When these tools are used properly there is no need for non-intuitive, frustrating CCD collimation. All Dream Astrographs are tested in Dream's observatory prior to shipping them to our select customers.





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