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On Friday, September 16th, 2022 the Royal Observatory Greenwich announced their astrophotography winners. The mosaic image to the left is the Galaxy category winner, taken with a Dream Astrograph.

The main reason this image won the award was because the telescope captured the faint remnants of a previous galactic collision that Sombrero had in its past.

9.58 hours total exposure; 275min L, 100min each RGB.

"Hello Shane, I can't think of anyone who has delved as deeply into the mechanics of telescopes as you."
- Dream customer

"I went to bed at about 10PM and I let it run all night without focusing. I blinked through the images and focus did not change. Also, I did all of my other images by letting it run through the night without focusing."
- Dream Astrograph owner

Sombrero galaxy image taken with a 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph by Utkarsh Mishra, Michael Petrasko & Muir Evenden.


Dream has unrivaled installed performance. They don't loose that performance as temperature, or instrument angle, or even when more than a decade passes by! These are the highest installed performance optical instruments in the world. Designed specifically for remote/robotic use.



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- First Contact: the ultimate surface cleaning solution

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