Shown left: business card sitting on top of a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) surface.

The piece to the left has a resin content of 31.4% by weight of the part.

This surface quality is not produced separately but is a result of a one step fabrication technique.

Shown right: another panel, this time reflecting flourescent light fixtures. The fixture(s) is roughly 20 feet from the camera lens. A 50mm lens on a 35mm digital camera body was used, not a long telephoto lens as one might assume. All images on the following pages have not been sharpened and were all taken with an ISO setting of 800.

The piece to the right has a resin content of 34.9% by weight of the part.

Click on the image to see an enlarged version, as well as the full-frame image.


To the left: a 31.3% resin panel showing reflections of flourescent fixtures.

One image shown with carbon fiber/epoxy surface in focus and the other shown with the bulbs in focus.

Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

Products are shown in a raw state, prior to painting and/or UV clear-coating. This is the surface quality coming directly off the tooling.

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