Dream Astrograph - 16"

The animation at left shows the optional shrouds for the 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph

Because of the 3" diameter of the coma corrector on the Dream Astrographs, we highly recommend the top shroud.

The shrouds can be machine washed and are made from rugged material that can withstand nightly use in harsh environments.

Custom shapes, like the tapered lower section on the 16" Dream Astrograph shroud and custom openings (focuser or guidescope) can also be designed in.

Note the opening around the focuser. It allows cables to be run below the shroud but outside the light path.

Keeping cabling near the structure and away from a hanging position is the most consistent for your tracking system. Random tracking errors from cable flop is greatly reduced or eliminated.

This type of elastic opening also keeps out any stray light at a very vulnerable location, directly above the large secondary mirror.



If a lower shroud is desired, we highly recommend leaving an open space to allow air flow to vent the primary mirror.

This arrangement will lesson thermal currents while the optic is equalizing.

Moving air will also help reduce dew formation.

Additional OTA photos.



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