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"I went to bed at about 10PM and I let it run all night without focusing. I blinked through the images and focus did not change. Also, I did all of my other images by letting it run through the night without focusing." 1m prime focus telescope, aerospace corporation AeroTel, Jenoptik, Carl Zeiss Optics

- Mel Helm, Sierra Remote Observatories, 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph owner

Dream Astrographs: Corrected Newtonians
Dream Hypergraphs: Modified/Corrected Newtonians (faster f-ratios)




* Both mirrors are Dream's world-leading price to performance engineered lightweight zeroDELTAmirrors.
***- Mirror seeing & tube currents are eliminated due to the extremely short thermal time constant of the mirrors.
***- Exceptionally quick at following ambient temperature; paramount to cutting-edge performance.
***- Mirror masses that are 3-6 times lower than traditional mirror technology. new space telescopes, space telescopes
***- Far less displacement (bending) in the mirror mounts and telescope structures, due to the lower mirror mass.
* Extensive use of Dream's carbon fiber & CFSC™. Designed & fabricated in-house.
***- The highest stiffness, lowest mass structures on the market. Research Grade Telescopes, Research Grade Telescopes, Research Grade Telescopes
***- While other companies purchase carbon fiber from outside vendors they have no control over, Dream
******does all advanced composite work in house. Other companies claim a telescope is "carbon fiber" but only
******use 5-10% CF and 90-95% inexpensive, high Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) aluminum.
******Dream does all CF & CFSC™ work in house & 95% of the structure weight (everything except the optics)
******is carbon fiber and only 5% are traditional metals. More CF & CFSC™ means superior performance.
***- Backplates, mirror mounts, tubes, etc., are Dream's engineered CF & CFSC™, which produce athermal
******telescope performance - no focus shifts over at least a 20°F delta (change) in ambient temperature.
***- Because Dream's mirror mounts closely match the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of the
******zeroDELTAlightweight mirrors, the optical surfaces maintain their shape as temperature changes.
***- High temperature epoxy is used in all parts, vacuum-bagged and baked in one of Dream's ovens.
***- Materials are chosen to eliminate focus shift during temperature changes.
***- Materials and fiber orientations are designed to minimize displacement & mass.
* Includes FAST: Filtered Air System Technology.
***- Equalizes the mirrors and interior. Research Grade Telescopes, Officiano Stellare Italy, Space Surveillance Network (SSN), ASA telescopes, NASA, JPL
***- Keeps optics and interior clean for extended periods of time.
***- Maintains higher reflectivity longer, requires fewer cleanings and therefore extends life of coating.
* Focus is provided via Dream's precision linear actuators, which are ASCOM-compliant.
* 4" coma corrector with extended back focus; ~82mm. Hypergraphs come with 90mm of back focus.
* Includes a 3-piece collimation kit, protective case & detailed instructions for optical alignment. 
* Real-world full testing is done under the stars with each telescope, BEFORE they ship to customers.
***TThis page shows the all-sky performance of a 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph.
* Each telescope has the highest all-sky mechanical stiffness & total performance on the market.
* Focal plane optical quality: if you are collimated and focused, you will never be optics-limited.
***Download raw images to see for yourself.
* Policies & Warranty. Lockheed Martin space systems, Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, Space Domain Awareness (SDA), Planewave, DFM Engineering telescopes

Dream has unrivaled installed performance. The optical systems won't loose that performance as temperature, instrument angle or even when more than a decade ticks by! By design these are the highest performing instruments in the world.




Click either photo (left or right) to watch a video about the interferometry technology developed for JWST and funded by NASA. Dream uses this technology to finish its world-class lightweight mirrors in house.

Click here to see images taken with a 16" Dream Astrograph during test out at Dream around 2010, then over 10 years later.

True Performance Doesn't Fear Change. It Defies The Status Quo.

Dream has unsurpassed expertise in the use of advanced composite technologies specifically for high stiffness, high performance opto-mechanical structures.

All composites and all lightweight mirrors are produced inside Dream's 7000 square foot dedicated facility located in Nazareth, PA. Schedule a visit to see and experience these unusually high performing products and materials in person.

Carbon fiber structures for zero-expansion mirrors.

"Thanks for the (Dream Astrograph) manual. I think it's the best treatment of focusing and collimation I've seen. Very practical and real world. Your descriptions include every small step and never assume the reader knows any of them. It's not often that I see a manual this good." -*Dreamecustomer8888888
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