3" Wynne Correctors for the Dream Astrograph line of products

Shown left are five 3" Wynne coma correctors. You can see their optical correction by clicking here.

They each weigh 1.75 lbs.


They are 5.6" tall.

The internal housing has baffling running the entire length of the housing.

Shown left is one 3" coma corrector compared to a 2" coma corrector/reducer (.73x ).

Click here to see closer views of the 2" coma corrector/reducer.

Shown right are five 3" coma correctors, one 2" corrector/reducer and one STL adaptor (for the 3" coma correctors and SBIG STL line of CCD cameras).

The adaptor is a threaded connection to the CCD camera and places the CCD chip at the optimum back focus distance.

The adaptor bolts onto the flange of the 3" coma corrector with six bolts.





pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice