Dream Astrograph - 16" f3.75: comes standard with 4" focuser and custom 4" coma corrector.

Dream Telescopes offers the only production telescope in the world that uses engineered lightweight mirrors, from Dream Cellular, LLC.

"Within a temperature range of 10 degrees C we see no measurable change in focus. Also, there was no change in focus as a function of telescope position. All thanks to rigid carbon fiber."
- Michael Schwartz, Tenagra Observatories, 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph owner. 

OTA diameter - OD

carbon fiber tube length

 focal length

CFSC hybrid tube: 20.0"


1500mm - f3.75

lightweight secondary mirror 

weight - pounds





sized for 100% illumination of CCD chips as large as 37mm square

this weight includes the 4" focuser, custom 4" coma corrector and FAST.

clamshell rings are not required for mounting, only a dovetail plate


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Click on the photo to the left to see the 16" engineered lightweight primary mirror.

Click on the photo to the right to see why this telescope does not need clamshell/mounting rings.

Click here to see images taken with the 16" Dream Astrograph.

Click here to see images taken with a recent 16" Dream Astrograph while still here at Dream, mid-August, 2009.


M81/M82 image to the right shows the efficiency and quality of this telescope. Image taken in less than one full night, with a front-illuminated CCD chip.

16803 CCD chip: 9 microns square, 4096 x 4096.

Field of view: 84.6' x 84.6'
Arc-seconds/pixel: 1.24

Click on the image below to see the 74 gram LodeStar autoguiding camera attached to the 4" Off-Axis Guider and custom 4" coma corrector.




pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice