Ultra High Modulus (stiffness) Carbon Fiber Structures

All advanced composite work is done in-house. The image to the right shows three 20" OD hybrid profile tubes designed for ~16"/40cm optical systems. The tubes shown have two flat sides, for mounting, which eliminates the need, additional flexure and mass associated with mounting rings. Two tubes are 57" long and the other is 65.5" long. The 57" long tubes are used for telescopes like the Dream 16" f3.75 Astrograph. All three use Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core (CFSC), with a wall thickness of ~1.0". This is what Dream has specialized in since its inception in 2003; meticulous carbon fiber work for the much more demanding opto-mechanical industry, especially the use of thick sandwich core, for the ultimate in high stiffness and low mass.

Held in the foreground is a 16.5" (physical OD) mirror support that is made from carbon fiber and CFSC. Axial and lateral supports act independantly, which prevents an over-constrained condition (distortion of the optical figure). Lateral supports hold the optic at its CG (Center of Gravity).

If you are frustrated by conventional tube flexure, request Dream's thick-walled CFSC tubes, mirror supports or complete telescopes. High modulus, low CTE structures and sub structures help maintain optical alignment, optical spacing and support optics with far lower displacement (distortion). All of these combine to provide the ultimate in instrument performance.

The carbon fiber mirror supports and structures that Dream produces in-house have more than a decade of empirical testing behind them. As well as additional in-house expertise with designing, engineering, casting, annealing and processing cellular mirrors through our second company Dream Cellular, LLC. All under one roof.

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Our largest composite oven is 12 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 6 feet high.

Dream produces CFSC technology products in-house and uses the thickest core feasible.

The tube to the left has a wall thickness of ~1.0" and weighs less than 24 lbs. It is shown with ~355 lbs of load on it while it spans a gap of 52.0".

If you want to offer your program and/or clients a product with the ultimate in performance, contact Dream today to learn more.