Pull out strength of Dream's stainless steel insert from Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core (CFSC).

The average pull out strength of the above six tests was 2995.85 pounds, for a stainless steel insert that weighs only 29 grams. Tests were conducted by an independent lab.

* These inserts are used within the sandwich core. Dream developed stainless steel inserts within the first year of going into business (2003) because OTS inserts were found to be completely inadequate. They would easily break free and spin within the sandwich core. Because Dream has always specialized in the use of sandwich core within it's carbon fiber parts developing our own inserts was a critical path item.
* All of the stainless steel inserts that Dream uses are designed and produced in-house. We fabricate all of the advanced composites in-house as well.
* The back end of the telescope tube for our 24" telescopes use 12 of these inserts. They secure the backplate to the telescope tube. The backplate holds the M1 support assembly and M1. This entire assembly, including the 24" Dream Cellular lightweight mirror, weighs well under 100 pounds.

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