Shown left: VSE Omicron focuser with a 2" - 22mm Nagler eyepiece installed.

This telescope will use a Astrooptik 2" corrector/reducer. Click HERE to see the corrector.


Shown above: the aluminum focuser plate bolts to a carbon/composite flat platform.

Shown right: Omicron focuser with 2" - 22mm Nagler and ProtoStar secondary holder. The secondary mirror, not seen, is a 3.1" MA Antares Optics mirror and is 1/30th wave.

The primary is a 10" f5 RF Royce center post conical mirror.

Without the eyepiece the OTA weighs 21.0 lbs. To see the back of the OTA, click here. The OTA tube itself is honeycomb sandwich core with carbon fiber skins. High temp epoxy is used to make this and all other Dream products.

Products are shown in a raw state, prior to painting and/or UV clear-coating.

Click here to see a painted OTA near completion. 

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