3" Wynne correctors arrive 4/27/06.

The 20" & 24" DREAM Astrographs are now being offered in an all cellular configuration.

Click here to learn more about the phenominal optical quality of this corrected optical system.

The 5.5" minor axis secondaries have arrived in, 4/20/06.

Hybrid Mirror Support Structure

Initial prototype mirror will weigh ~1/4 that of conventional glass.




Sample surface using new fabrication technique

A business card sitting atop a carbon fiber part just pulled from the tooling.

Click on the photo to see more examples and information about this amazing carbon fiber surface.

The world's first standard product line of optical tube assemblies using carbon fiber so extensively.

Low CTE, high stiffness/lower flexure, high strength & toughness and ultra-lightweight. An unbeatable combination of properties for any opto-mechanical system.


UPDATE: 10/05/05 - 12.5" cell photos

3 sandwich-cored graphite-epoxy mirror cells.

The world's first production line of optical subassemblies made from advanced composites.

"I was impressed with their light weight and stiffness - seeing a picture of it is one thing, but actually getting your hands on the real deal is an eye opener. I'm excited about how the scope will turn out!" - 16" Astrograph client commenting on yoke samples he received from Dream 12/6/05.

An 8" Maksutov-Cassegrain f12.

This OTA debuted at NEAF 2005.

UPDATE: 6/9/05


Rick Yandrick's Alberio image below received Astronomy Photo Of The Day, August 30th, 2005.

A 12" OD x 49.5" honeycomb core, graphite-epoxy tube that weighs <6.4 lbs.

This tube was used for a 10" f5 Newtonian astrograph.

First light took place at the end of June, 2005.

"...after working with a Newtonian with a Carbon Fiber tube, I would never want to use anything else. The lightweight, thermally stable aspects are too great to ever go back."

Rick Yandrick - July 16th, 2005


12.5" conical primary.

To learn more about the OTA for this primary, click here.

The first carbon fiber truss tubes have been fabricated as well.


Graphite-epoxy primary mirror cell.

"I had the pleasure of holding your 8" mirror cell. Very
incredible! Astoundingly stiff. Astoundingly light. Can you build a fork mount...?"



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