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16" f3.75 concave paraboloid

The left Ronchi image was the surface as provided by the outside optician. Clearly the surface was not smooth like they stated it was. The faint spikes that are eminating from the central shape are texture on the surface of the mirror; Mid-Spatial Frequency (MSF) errors - historically called primary ripple.

Dream had the coating stripped so both the figure and the smaller-scale surface could be improved, which is shown on the right.

The outside optician's surface was slightly overcorrected at the 70% zone.

The outside optician also left a central hill that could have been reduced in roughly four minutes of work, or eliminated completely, as Dream's finishing illustrates.

The outside optician also stated the radius was within 1/8" of what Dream requested. As provided the radius was short by 1-3/4" (off by 1.5%). The 16" f3 paraboloid that Dream finished in-house for the IR telescope was off by 0.009% (167x closer).

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