Impact Testing:

1.- carbon fiber/epoxy sandwich core panel. (page 1)

2.- 12.5" yoke cell. (page 2)
- Surface testing has proven that sharp objects striking with a fair amount of force will penetrate wood but will only mar the surface of the carbon fiber panel.
- The first page of tests also showed that the carbon fiber sandwich core panels can resist puncture but also resist compression from impact loads.
- The second page of testing showed almost no apparent signs of concrete floor impact on the mirror cell. The cell makes a very loud and high pitched noise on impact. So loud that hearing protection was warn after the first few drops.
- The combination of: low void, high fiber, high stiffness and high strength all contribute to the characteristics shown during these tests.

- These tests were designed to illustrate the quality of design and fabrication of Dream components. As well as to debug some common misconceptions about "all" carbon fiber, namely that it is brittle and/or frail.



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