Dream Astrograph - 16"

Shown with optional upper shroud. A lower shroud is also available.

Note the two, 20 lb counterweights on the Paramount ME's counterweight shaft. This OTA, as shown with STL-11000 camera, weighs ~56 lbs, 52 lbs without the camera.

A sample cellular blank is resting against the portable pier leg. The 24" Dream Astrograph is an all-cellular telescope that will weigh roughly 100 lbs.

Units have already been ordered by customers for both of these telescope sizes: 16" and 24". The 24" telescopes should debut early to mid-summer of 2007. Please contact Shane if you are interested in either production run.

The interior will be painted flat black.

The front ring has four through holes in it to allow attachment of either a collimation mask or an off-axis solar accessory. The accessory will be cam-shaped. The main portion of the solar accessories holds a filter, between spider vanes so as to eliminate the diffraction spikes from the spider vanes, while the cam-shape blocks direct sunlight from striking the focuser/camera's housing.

All hardware and metal components are stainless steel.

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