Dream Astrograph - 16"

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Initial CAD rendering to the left was created 2/6/06.

Finalized CAD work completed 3/30/06.

Raw product on right photographed inside Dream's composite shop 4/27/06.

It was decided to replace baffle rings with shrouds since they are better at knocking out a larger amount of stray light.

16" Dream Astrograph OTA includes electronic focuser and 3" coma corrector but does not include the: STL-11000, Paramount ME or pier.

Shown on this page with baffle kit.

Note the full baffling arc opposite the focuser position.


16" Dream Astrograph OTA showing how the thin annular baffle rings work.

There is also baffling at the base of the focuser, between the corrector and secondary mirror.

Wide field refractors/guidescopes can be mounted on the opposite side of the OTA, opposite the focuser side. This gives them a clear view of the sky (not the focuser/CCD camera). Mounting holes are provided in the central square section but can also be placed at the front and rear of the OTA, if the refractor's length requires it.



The images to the left show the top and back side of a length of truss from a test coupon.

The surfaces have not had any work done to them: no clear coats or wet sanding.

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