Dream is an authorized dealer for FLI: CCD cameras, filter wheels, focusers, etc..


Dream is an authorized dealer for Software Bisque, makers of the Paramount ME robotic mount.


* Optical & mechanical research and development for Classical and Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrains at: f8, f10 and f12.

- f8 CC versus RC

- f10 CC versus RC

- f12 CC versus RC

- f12 Dall-Kirkham versus CC versus RC

- f8 Newtonian versus CC versus RC

- A 20" f8 Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrain OTA has been spec'd out.

- Optical specifications can be viewed at the bottom of this page.
- The OTA is an open truss, estimated at 56.5" in length. Total weight, with focuser and optics, is estimated to be 75 lbs, with conventional glass technology. Cellular optics would allow for a 55 lb 20", which includes electronic focuser, thermal control system (temperature probes and cooling fans), mounting plates, etc..

- GCS Astronomical 8" f12 Mak-Cass debuted at NEAF.

* Completed rapid CAD prototyping for a customer's kick-off meeting with the US Navy. Meeting occured one week after Dream was initially contacted by this customer.

- OTA and mounting rings for an 8" four element refractor, f4.3
- Due to the weight of this lens and cell, the OTA needed to be stronger and more rigid than a typical OTA in this size 
- Imaging at 1.6 microns (1600nm), infrared - visual is 400-700nm
- Design needed to be fully baffled and completely light (IR) tight
- Reduced CTE was important to hold focus better than metal alternatives
- Customer will provide lens in cell and CCD camera
- CAD work was completed two days before clients meeting and four days after initial contact
* Dream has been contracted to provide a prototype spherical mirror for the initial prototype/testing phase. The four element refractor has been changed to a combination refractive and reflective system for numerous reasons. Eventual product, which will include three optical assemblies housed within one composite structure, will begin fabrication around September of 2004.
7/1/04 - Dream has delivered the prototype mirror on time. Optical test documentation was included. Documentation was also provided for the reflectance percentage at the planned 1.6 micron wavelength.
11/04 - Client is completing initial testing of prototype design, that utilizes the spherical primary mirror Dream delivered. Lockheed has shown interest, to Dream's client, in the project as well.

* Initial design work for a University portable ~1m complete telescope.

- determine trailer size, opening design and mechanisms, etc.
- fork or split-ring type telescope mount
- weight of complete telescope, without trailer, should be less than 500lbs
* Dream was hired to do the initial design work for a unique roll off structure to house the 38" telescope. The telescope design is now a low-profile Dobsonian to be made of welded steel, produced by another vendor, not Dream. The unique enclosure will be approximately 20 feet by 30 feet. A control room will be housed at one end of the structure.
- Initial design phase is complete. Second, more detailed, design phase will soon begin.
- This project was cancelled due to the optician going out of business.