The photos on this page show some of the rigid boards that Dream produced for a bio-medical customer. The requirements called for a 2 foot wide by 6 foot long panel that did not deflect more than 0.25" with a 200 lb load at the center. The board could not weigh more than 30 pounds and needed to be radiotranslucent.

Dream's very first part weighed 16 lbs and deflected less than 0.1" with a 200 lb load. Dream's part exceeded the customer's expectations.

The resin content difference between numerous boards varied by only 25 grams. Resin is fairly high in Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), while the carbon fiber is extremely low to negative in CTE. Leaving in more, or less, resin will increase or decrease the CTE of the final part, assembly, etc., as well as change the thickness, mass, etc. Because of Dream's 15 years of heritage producing athermal telescope structures for opto-mechanical systems that have incredibly tight mechanical and thermal tolerances, our resin content is controlled to a much finer level. Taking things to a higher standard is what Dream is known for and the reason it was the first of many technologies brought in-house.
Many believe pre-pregs are the utmost in performance. Because Dream's owner lives in the details and knows performance is within those details, he has learned to ask the right questions. Pre-pregs can vary by +/-20% or more in resin content. In this board example a 20% resin variation would have been more than 1450 grams of resin. This puts Dream's 25 grams into perspective and is one of many reasons Dream's products are both unique and help Dream's customers stand out in their respective markets.

The image to the left shows roughly 1000 lbs on the panel.

Dream designed and produced two identical units as prototypes. No changes were required for the follow on units. This saved the customer time and money as no further development or testing iterations were required for the product. Due to Dream's 15 years of heritage producing carbon fiber parts this particular product required no R&D, since the first units worked better than the client expected from the start.
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