16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph - first light image from client.

The image to the right was taken by Karel Teuwen from Belgium using a luminance filter and his recently received 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph. His telescope has all cellular mirrors from Dream Cellular, LLC and the telescope uses the custom 4" coma corrector. The CCD used was a 16803 chip: 9 microns square, 4096 x 4096 (37mm x 37mm, 52mm diagonal).
NGC6946 is the spiral galaxy at the center of the field and is approximately 10 million Light Years (LY) away. NGC6939 is the open cluster near the lower left of this field and is approximately 5800 LY away.
This telescope was shipped from Dream to Belgium, then driven by Karel to his remote observatory 1000 km away. Total distance traveled before first light was over 7000 kilometers (over 4350 miles).

Click on the image to see a high resolution version showing perfectly round stars across this entire, wide field.

"Hi Shane,

It took some time to get the setup working in Southern-France, but now I'm proud to announce the first light image of my Dream Astrograph. I only had two nights to make a first pointing model for the mount and I encountered unexpected problems with software and connections. Finally I was able to make unguided frames of 5 minutes. I will make a more extensive model in the near future so that probably exposures of 20 minutes will be no problem, I hope.

The only thing that gave me NO worries or headaches was the Dream Astrograph. This light bucket worked perfectly the very first time. Collimation was, after shipment to Belgium and transporting it more than 1000 km by car, almost perfect!! Also focus could stay at the same position for the whole night, very comfortably!! This scope is giving me more than I ever could expect from a telescope and I'm very confident that the collimation will be very stable for a long time, which is a necessity for imaging remotely! Stars are perfectly round all over the field and in combination with the corrector and the ML16803 there is almost no vignetting, WHAT A REVELATION!!!!

Shane, a special thanks to you for creating this innovative product for me. I now understand that perfectionism and short delivery date cannot go together!

- Karel Teuwen, June 6th, 2010, after first light.

"Seeing this Astrograph with my own eyes and caressing it feels great!! Shane this really is a piece of art and I will take very good care of your 'Creation'."

- Karel Teuwen, May 17th, 2010, after receiving the telescope in Belgium.

Click on the North America Nebula thumbnail image to the left to see a second image Karel took with his new Dream Astrograph telescope just a few days after first light. This image is less than one hour of exposure time.

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