Dream Astrograph - 16" - custom 5.5" minor axis elliptical secondary

UPDATE: The 5.5" minor axis secondaries have arrived, 4/20/06. Click the photo below.

Shown left is an (unfinished) custom made 5.5" minor axis secondary for the 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph.

The major axis is approximately 7.8".

This particular CNC substrate (unfinished optically) is used for fitting and deflection testing.

Other units are currently with the optician and will be shipped to Dream by April 18th, 2006.

Shown left are three 5.0" minor axis elliptical sub components. These 0.167" thick, solid laminate carbon fiber/epoxy disks will be used to support the 5.5" minor axis secondary, shown in the background.

Each disk weighs approximately 94 grams.

Assembled 16" Dream Astrograph at NEAF 

Shown right is the raw carbon fiber and stainless steel secondary assembly (without the 5.5" minor axis secondary mirror).

Everything "silver" in the image, including the collimation hardware, is stainless steel. This photo is shown prior to flat black painting of the stainless steel portions of this assembly.

The carbon fiber portions will also receive flat black.





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